About Us


Sana Haq Architects was founded in 2012 to provide professional services in planning and design for urban development. A key element in the successful growth of SHA and for gaining an international reputation is their ethical foundation as a professional services firm. At SHA, the approach to design is sustainable, ranging from the functional and environmental performance of a building to being sensitive to location and culture.

The purpose is to positively impact lives, transform communities and make the world a better place. They unite professionals working collaboratively across a broad range of disciplines. Their architects and interior designers are problem solvers by nature – serving clients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing in their vision as they use the latest advances in building technology and techniques to create inspirational environment’s and sustainable design solutions.

Design Process


Following the initial kick off meeting with the client, Project deliverables will be incorporated into a comprehensive work plan to be assigned to a practice director, project architect and to the office design team.


Our work plan will consist of an internal office delivery program to ensure output is delivered to the client in accordance with the master program. Submissions to the client will be verified and evaluated pre and post submission. We will act on client feedback by providing revised reports, drawings and images which will be fully coordinated with the design team. The aim will be to develop a fully coordinated scheme with a single shared vision.


SHA will adopt a proactive response with the client to ensure that all stages of the submission and beyond are a cooperative process with the single aim of developing a high quality building to clients exacting requirements.


Sana Haq

Principal Owner + Architect

Sana Haq was born in Hyderabad, India. She graduated from Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Thereafter she worked in an esteemed architecture firm and later attended the Institute of Villa Pierrefeu, a traditional Finishing School in Switzerland. Her father, Mr. Noor Haq who has won Prestigious Awards in his field mentored Sana so as to develop a successful entrepreneur. With this experience, she gained available knowledge in the field of construction resulting in the establishment of Sana Haq Architects. The company has been responsible for a strikingly wide range of work – urban master plans, residential, office buildings, workplaces to private houses, interior design and product design. As the principal owner, Sana Haq is responsible for providing executive leadership to the company with a particular focus on the operational management and execution.